EUROPEAN twinning agreements

We have an existing twinning agreement with the Bar Association of Poznań and intend in the near future to enter into a twinning agreement with the Bar Association of Lucca.


European Bars Federation

The South London Law Society is a member of the

European Bars Federation / Fédération des Barreaux d’Europe (“FBE”)

We attend FBE events held in Europe throughout the year.

In 2024, we intend attending the following FBE events –

  • The General Congress in Malaga, 6-8 June 2024

  • The intermediate meeting in Nanterre, 26-28 September 2024

  • The Vth International Young Lawyers Oratory competition (date and venue TBC)


Invitations to other international EVENTS

In addition to FBE events, we and, by extension, all South London lawyers have been invited to attend the following international events-

  • The international conference of the District Bar Council in Poznań in September 2024


  • The international congress of the Association of European Attorneys in Budapest on 30 & 31 May 2024


  • The formal opening of the 2024 academic year in Luxembourg on Friday, 14 June 2024, from 2pm onwards